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Restoring Lost Hope

Vision and Mission

Victory Africa Child Care Ministry's vision is to love children and to develop their competencies to impact and rebuild their lives, communities and nation. The Ministry's mission is to encourage the flourishing of orphaned and vulnerable Children of Uganda.

Ministry Philosophy: At Victory Africa Ministry, we believe that a strong children's ministry is not merely a program or a collection of activities, but a vibrant and transformative experience that nurtures the spiritual growth of young minds. Rooted in a deep understanding of children's unique needs and perspectives, our ministry is guided by five core philosophical pillars that provide a framework for creating a nurturing environment where children can develop a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

Child-Centered Approach: We believe that every child is a unique and precious creation of God, deserving of love, respect, and the opportunity to develop their full potential. We recognize that children learn best through play, exploration, and hands-on experiences. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where children feel loved, accepted, and encouraged to ask questions and explore their faith.

Biblical Foundation: We believe that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God, and we are committed to teaching children the truth of God's Word in a way that is engaging and relevant. We believe that the Bible provides children with the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance they need to live a life that is pleasing to God. We are committed to helping children develop a lifelong love for the Bible and a strong foundation in biblical principles.

Gospel-Driven Intentionality: We believe that the message of the gospel is the most important message in the world, and we are passionate about sharing it with children. We believe that the gospel is the power of God for salvation, and we are committed to helping children understand and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. We are committed to making the gospel relevant to children's lives and helping them apply biblical principles to their everyday decisions...

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Child Sponsorship

In our unwavering commitment to encourage the flourishing of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda, we forge meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations to provide comprehensive sponsorship programs. Over the past 14 years, we have transformed the lives of children by providing them with access to education, healthcare, nutritious meals, and other essential life necessities.

About Child Sponsorship: Victory Africa Ministries believes that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, both physically and spiritually. That's why we're committed to providing child sponsorship, which helps us provide essential care and support to children in need.

Food and nutrition: Many children in Uganda don't have access to regular meals, which can lead to malnutrition and stunted growth. Child sponsorship helps us provide children with the food they need to grow and develop properly. Children eating food in Victory Africa Ministries Education

Education: Education is essential for breaking the cycle of poverty. Child sponsorship helps us pay for school fees, uniforms, and supplies, so that children can get the education they need to succeed in life. Image of Children learning in classroom in Victory Africa Ministries Opens in a new window Children learning in classroom in Victory Africa Ministries Healthcare: Access to healthcare is often limited in Uganda, especially for children. Child sponsorship helps us provide children with the medical care they need, including immunizations, treatment for illnesses, and dental care. Image of Children getting medical care in Victory Africa Ministries Opens in a new window Children getting medical care in Victory Africa Ministries Spiritual guidance: Child sponsorship also provides children with the opportunity to learn about God and develop their faith. Through our sponsorship program, children participate in Bible studies, attend church services, and receive mentorship from caring adults. In addition to providing these essential needs, child sponsorship also allows us to build relationships with children and their families. We get to know their hopes, dreams, and challenges, and we're able to provide them with the support they need to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Child sponsorship is a life-changing experience for both the children we serve and the sponsors who support them. It's an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children who need it most. If you're interested in learning more about child sponsorship or how you can get involved, please visit our website or contact us today. .

Medical Care: .At Victory Africa Ministries, we are committed to the health and well-being of every child under our care. We ensure that all children are immunized according to the Ugandan government's immunization schedule. We also provide essential medical care to children who require it.Ten of the children in our care are HIV-positive. We work closely with their doctors to ensure that they receive the appropriate medications and support. Each child's medical records are carefully documented and maintained to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

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Victory Rehabilitation-Humura Homes

Humura Homes, which means "to be lifted up from trouble," was established on November 5, 2011 as a rehabilitation home for street boys. On the day of its opening, fourteen street boys sought refuge in our shelter, having spent a significant portion of their lives on the streets since the tender age of five. These boys arrived at our facility burdened by addictions to marijuana, glue-sniffing, theft, and engaging in fights as a means of survival. The majority of them had experienced the loss of one or both parents, leading to their unfortunate circumstances of poverty, abuse, or being expelled from their homes due to their parents' remarriage and subsequent rejection by step-parents.

The Purpose of Humura Homes: The purpose of Humura Homes is to help each boy would come to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to be an example of His life in whatever they do. After a rough couple of adjustment months, the boys are now settled and attending school. Each day they hear God's word spoken and see it lived out in the lives of their house parents and teachers. Many of the boys have been baptized and have a hunger for God's Word. Humura Homes has enough room for 32 boys so as God provides we will be bringing more children off the streets and into God's loving arms. We hope you enjoy joining us on our journey. For more information or to find out how to get involved please contact us.

Street Children In Kabale: Today street children are a common sight in Kabale. They are often seen begging on the streets or scavenging for food and other scraps. The exact number of street children in Kabale is unknown, but estimates range from five hundred to one thousand. There are a number of reasons why children end up on the streets in Kabale. Some children are orphaned or abandoned. Others are forced to leave their homes due to poverty, abuse, or neglect. Still others may run away from home to escape violence or conflict. Life on the streets is hard for children. They are often exposed to danger, including violence, disease, and exploitation. They may also have difficulty accessing food, water, and shelter. Despite the challenges they face, many street children are resilient and resourceful. They develop coping mechanisms to help them survive on the streets. They may form gangs for protection, and they may learn to beg or steal to get by

How Humura Homes Works: The primary objective of Humura Homes is to facilitate the development of a personal relationship of each boy with Jesus, serving as an embodiment of His teachings in their daily lives. Although the initial months are challenging but we have seen boys breaking the additions and starting a new life. After some months boys are given the opportunity to go back to school and eventually placed with foster families.

What We are doing: Victory Africa Ministries opened Humura homes to act as a rehabilitational homes for street children in Kabale? It is a residential care facility for street children in Bubare Sub County in the great Kabale District. It was founded in 2011 by Victory Africa Ministries, a Christian non-profit organization. The home provides shelter, food, clothing, education, and medical care to children who have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. The children who live at Humura Homes come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have lost their parents, while others have been forced to leave their homes due to poverty or violence. Many of the children have been living on the streets for years, and they have suffered from malnutrition, abuse, and addiction. Despite their difficult pasts, the children at Humura Homes are thriving. They are receiving the love and support they need to heal and grow. They are attending school, learning new skills, and developing their talents. And most importantly, they are learning about God's love for them.

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Children in Faster Families

At Victory Childcare Ministry, we recognize the profound impact that a stable family environment can have on a child's development and well-being. It is for this resoan that children who are unable to live with their biological families, are palced into foster families. Foster families care provides a crucial lifeline for vulnerable children, offering them a sense of belonging, security, and love. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every child placed in our care receives the nurturing and support they need to thrive. We work closely with foster families to provide them with the resources and training necessary to create a loving and stable home for their foster children.

bout children in Foster Families: When we closed Akanyijuka Children's home during the Covid19 Pandamic, we placed all the children into forster families. We understood that the transition into foster care can be a challenging and emotional experience for children but we work with different leaders and children care givers to ensure the well being of the children under our care. That's why we provide individual and group counseling services to help children cope with the changes in their lives and develop healthy emotional coping mechanisms. In addition to counseling, we offer a variety of educational and recreational programs to help children develop their academic skills, social skills, and self-esteem. We also provide opportunities for children to connect with their peers and build meaningful relationships. Our goal at Victory Childcare Ministry is to ensure that every child we serve has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that with the right support, every child can overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

Children's Wellbing in Foster Families: Our mission to enhance the well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children has revealed a critical deficit in their ability to fulfill their fundamental human needs. These children often lack the necessary competencies to adequately address their physiological, safety, love and belonging, self-esteem, cognitive, aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual needs. In response to this profound gap, we have dedicated our efforts to fostering the development of these essential competencies, empowering these children to navigate the eight dimensions of life with greater autonomy and resilience. By equipping them with the skills and knowledge to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, we pave the way for their holistic well-being and flourishing.

How it works: Every three months, we meticulously assess the well-being of each child, evaluating their competencies across eight crucial dimensions of life: physical, environmental, social, occupational, intellectual, financial, emotional, and spiritual. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to identify areas of strength and potential gaps in their ability to fulfill their fundamental human needs. Armed with this insightful data, we tailor our interventions to address any identified deficiencies, fostering the development of the necessary competencies in each child. Our holistic approach empowers these children to navigate the complexities of life with greater autonomy and resilience, ensuring their well-being and flourishing across all aspects of their development.

How to get Involved: You May Get Involved by Praying, Volunteering for a Short or Long Term, or Giving to the Following Projects: Donate Towards the Completion of a School Administrative Block. Sponsor a Child or more. Donate Towards the Construction of our Administrative Offices and shops Donate Towards Supporting Women to Start Small- Agro- Based Business

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Mentoring Young People

Victory Africa's Partnership with Alongsiders International seeks to equip and empower compassionate young Christians in Africa to walk alongside vulnerable children in their own communities. Through a variety of resources, including comic books, animation videos, and training programs, Alongsiders International helps the young people in Uganda and Africa in general develop the skills and confidence they need to make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable children.

About Mentorship: Providing mentorship and support to orphans and vulnerable children: Through our partnership with Alongsiders International we provide mentorship and support to orphans and vulnerable children. This includes providing them with access to education, healthcare, and other essential services. Equipping young Christians to be leaders: We also provide training and resources to young Christians so that they can be effective leaders in their communities. This includes teaching them about discipleship, evangelism, and community development. Mobilizing young people to take action: finally, we mobilize young people to take action on behalf of the most vulnerable children in Africa. This includes organizing volunteer opportunities and advocacy campaigns. Together with Alongsiders International we are making a positive impact on the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around Africa. We are empowering young Christians to make a difference in their communities and are helping to create a more just and compassionate world.

How it works: In Alongsiders International, the terms "Little Brother" and "Little Sister" refer to the orphaned and vulnerable children who receive mentorship and support from young Christians through the organization's programs. These children play a central role in Alongsiders International's mission, as their well-being and development are the ultimate goal of the organization's efforts. The role of Little Brothers and Sisters in Alongsiders International: 1. Recipients of Mentorship and Support: Little Brothers and Sisters directly benefit from the mentorship and support provided by young Christians. They receive emotional care, spiritual guidance, practical assistance, and opportunities for growth and development. 2. Agents of Transformation: Little Brothers and Sisters are not merely passive recipients of care; they also play an active role in their own transformation. Through their interactions with young Christians, they develop new skills, gain confidence, and experience the power of positive relationships. 3. Sources of Inspiration: Little Brothers and Sisters serve as a constant reminder of the importance of Alongsiders International's mission. Their stories and experiences inspire young Christians to continue their commitment to serving and advocating for vulnerable children. 4. Community Builders: Little Brothers and Sisters foster connections and build relationships within their communities. Their involvement in Alongsiders International's programs strengthens social bonds and promotes a sense of belonging. 5. Ambassadors of Hope: Little Brothers and Sisters embody the hope and potential that Alongsiders International strives to cultivate. Their progress and achievements serve as a testament to the organization's impact and its ability to transform lives. Alongsiders International recognizes that Little Brothers and Sisters are not merely beneficiaries of their programs; they are integral partners in their mission. The organization's approach emphasizes empowering Little Brothers and Sisters to become active participants in their own development and contributing members of their communities.

Youth Camps: Every end of the year we organize youth camp where the an alongsider comes with their LBS. The camp provides a unique opportunities for young people to connect with one another, and their LBS, build their leadership skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable children. The camps are held in various locations around the world and offer a diverse range of activities, including team-building exercises, spiritual reflection, community service projects, cultural exchange, and fun and recreation.

How to get Involved: Please contact and we will come and equip the youth in your church to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Our History as a child care Ministry

VAM's roots trace back to the passionate commitment of its founders, Dr. Kanyesigye Edward and Peace, who witnessed firsthand the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children in 1980 to 2010. It was during this time that HIV/AIDs and civil wars in Uganda were very much prevalence. Many children lost their parents either by HIV/AIDS or by the civil wars in our country. Driven by a deep sense of compassion, together with other Christian leaders we established VCCS in 2004, providing basic care and support to children in need. Before we shared the vision to start the ministry, my wife Peace and I adopted three girls. But the situation was so terrible because of the number of children. The family support systems which would support the orphaned and vulnerable children were being weakened by civil wars and diseases especially HIV/AIDS. Meeting children at Church Drop In centre Akanyijuka Orphanage Old School Where we are today. .

How We started: When our church relocated from the heart of Kabale to its suburbs, a stark reality unfolded. Many children attending our Sunday service were hungry and lacked proper clothing. This evident need ignited a fire within me, a call to action to help these marginalized children. We embraced this responsibility as our mandate, even though resources were scarce. My wife and I were ourselves struggling financially, yet our commitment remained unwavering. With the support of our small church community, we began by providing 32-page exercise books, the most we could afford at the time. Over the years, God's grace and blessings allowed us to expand our reach and impact. In 2004, we started providing school materials to children. A year later, we established a community garden to support their education. In 2005, a team from Australia came forward, offering vital assistance to launch a drop-in center. This paved the way for further growth. By 2007, we were able to rent a house, transforming it into a children's home and school. The following year, we purchased land and embarked on building more homes and establishing a school. Our efforts continued in 2011 with the construction of additional homes for street boys. In 2012, the Akanyijuka Nursery and Primary School building was completed, marking a significant milestone. This year also saw the launch of our initiative to empower marginalized women by encouraging them to start small businesses. Throughout these years, we have witnessed the transformation of countless lives. Children and women have been empowered, their destinies reshaped. As we move forward, we remain deeply grateful for the unwavering support of our friends, supporters, partners, and well-wishers. Together, we have accomplished much, but the journey continues. There are still dreams to be realized, lives to be touched. We believe that with continued collaboration and unwavering commitment, we can fulfill this noble mandate and build a brighter future for the marginalized communities of Kabale.

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