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Victory Small Agri-Based Bussiness

Victory Africa Ministry is an indigenous faith-based non-governmental organization dedicated to finding sustainable local solutions that fit existing socio-economic patterns that hinder community transformation.VAM has a conviction that women's lives changed by Jesus Christ, can make a significant difference for a better Kabale, Uganda, and the world. In January 2011 Victory Micro Enterprise project was started to realize this cause. The project started with 18 unemployed women and has developed into a vibrant project that has empowered 350 women who own small-sized businesses in Kabale Municipality. Victory Micro Enterprises uses a community-based participatory development approach to empower women to overcome poverty, disease, and hopelessness. This strategy has proved to create new opportunities for growth and reduce dependency among women in Kigezi Region-Uganda. ..

Victory Africa ministries

Chicken Rearing Business

We have selected some of small Agri-Business that we help fund. The following are detailed information about such projects and why we fund them. A chicken rearing business, when implemented with a focus on human flourishing, can offer a promising pathway towards positive social and economic impact. Here's how: Small-scale chicken rearing can provide individuals and families, especially those in vulnerable communities, with a stable source of income. This can improve their financial security, reduce poverty, and contribute towards self-reliance. As the business expands, it creates employment opportunities in the community. Small chicken business serve as a training ground for aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering skills in business management, financial literacy, and marketing Chicken provides a readily available source of high-quality protein, essential for healthy growth and development. This can be particularly beneficial for children and pregnant women in communities facing food insecurity. Eggs and chicken meat can contribute to a more diverse and balanced diet, reducing the risk of malnutrition and associated health problems. By promoting family-based chicken rearing, communities can become more self-sufficient in food production, reducing dependence on external sources and increasing resilience to food security.

Victory Africa ministries

Piggery Farming

When we introduced small scale Piggery farming we anticpated that it will be a powerful tool for empowering marginalized women in our region and indeed it has been beneficial to women. The Piggery business has been a consistent source of income for women, allowing them to gain financial independence and improve their families' well-being. It has also allowed women to access high-quality protein for their families, contributing to improved nutrition and health. Women who are small scale piggery farmers have acquired and improved their entrepreneurial skills, such as business management, financial planning, and marketing. Another advantage of becoming smale scale piggery farmer is that women have been composting pig waste and use it as fertilizer, improving soil health and reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers. This promotes sustainable agricultural practices and protects the environment Women who are involved in piggery farming often form networks and support groups for mutual learning and resource sharing. This fosters collaboration, strengthens social ties, and builds more resilient communities. Our goal is to ensure that women have access to land, training, financial resources, and market opportunities for successful piggery ventures.

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Vegetable Growing

Vegetable growing has shown to have a potential to improve the livelihood of marginalized women. Vegetable farming has been providing income during harveting seasons and enabling them to escape poverty and achieve financial independence. This can have a significant impact on their lives and the lives of their families. women harvesting vegetables in a community garden. Women who are vegitable grower provide their families with fresh, nutritious food, which is essential for good health and well-being. Women in our project who are vegetable farmers practices,crop rotation and composting, thus improving soil health and fertility. They also contribute to long-term environmental sustainability and food security. Vegetable growing is becoming a powerful tool for empowering marginalized women, improving their livelihoods, and building more sustainable and equitable communities. Please know that you can get involved by supporting vegitable growing

Victory Africa ministries

Rabbit Rearing

A Rabbit farming or rabbit husbandry, has been identified as a profitable and sustainable agricultural venture by our organization. This is because Kabale provides an ideal environment for rabbit farming. Women farmers have found success with breeds like New Zealand White, California, and Chinchilla rabbits. These breeds are known for their adaptability, high growth rate, and good meat quality. One of the advantages of rabbit farming is the high reproductive rate of rabbits. With short gestation periods, a single doe can produce multiple litters in a year. Women Farmers capitalize on the high demand for rabbit meat, which is known for its low-fat content, high protein content, and favorable taste. To ensure success in rabbit farming, women farmers are encouraged to seek training and support from experienced breeders, agricultural extension officers, and local agricultural organizations. These sources can provide valuable knowledge on best practices, disease prevention, and market access, empowering farmers to establish thriving rabbit farming enterprises.

Victory Africa ministries

Zero Grazing

The leadership of Victory Africa Ministries also identified Zero grazing as a potential Agri Business that can improve the well-being of Marginalized women in our communities. Zero Grazing also known as stall feeding. Zero Grazing is an agricultural practice that can empower marginalized women by providing them with a sustainable source of income. It involves confining livestock in stalls or pens, eliminating the need for extensive grazing areas. Zero grazing benefits marginalized women by offering economic empowerment, skill development, and improved food security. We try to reduce the challenges like limited access to resources, lack of knowledge and training, and market access. To overcome these challenges, we have identified some interventions such as providing soft loan scheme to buy the cow, training programs, and market linkages. We encourage women to work in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Victory Africa ministries

Turkey Rearing

Turkey rearing in Kabale Region is a new form of small-scale farming that has been recently introduced. Turkey farming offers a profitable opportunity for women farmers. The practice involves raising turkeys for meat or egg production. Popular turkey breeds include Broad-Breasted Whites, Bronze, and Beltsville Small White. We encourage and guide the women to build proper housing, such as turkey coops or barns, which are necessary for protecting turkeys from weather and predators. Turkeys require a balanced diet of commercial feed supplemented with fresh greens, grains, and protein sources. Regular vaccinations and preventive measures are crucial for maintaining turkey health. We often purchase turkey poults from hatcheries, Aim at geeting good bleed for better egg production. Our women farmers to find markets turkey its products locally, especially during festive seasons. We teach women management and record-keeping which are essential for optimizing productivity. With careful planning and access to resources, turkey rearing has shown to be a successful and profitable venture for marginalized women.

Victory Africa ministries

Goat Farming

Small Scale goat farming is a valuable opportunity for marginalized women, providing them with economic empowerment, sustainable livelihoods, and improved nutrition. Goats are resilient animals that are able to flourish this regionís environments. The favorable environment makes the goat rearing business a suitable venture for marginalized women in our communities. By helping women to raise goats, we empower them to generate income through selling meat and goats. Goat farming also is enhancing the food security and nutrition within communities. Women involved in this venture gain skills and get opportunities for training that promotes social empowerment by boosting women's self-esteem and involvement in decision-making. We esnsure women have access to training, veterinary support, markets, and financial resources. Women who are involved are being helped to break the cycle of poverty and are creating a positive in their communities.