Our eyes are on you Lord

Yesterday I was watching the news with my family and an advert popped up on the TV. It was informing the public that Covid-19 has no cure. When my 12 years old son hard it, he turned and asked, Dad, why is it that there is no medicine for Covid-19? I explained to him that […]

The Fear of Covid-19

The fear that has gripped the world is everywhere. I was talking to a person who lives in the remotest area in our country. These are “hard to reach areas”. He told me that he has never seen a passport and never crossed any border. He was wondering how the covid19 virus acquired a passport […]

The plan of man’s heart.

Today my wife and I had planned to travel to the US we were going to speak in two churches, visit friends and finally, I would go to attend intensive classes at Fuller Theological Seminary and then we head home. We were also planning to host two teams in June-July. We had no idea that […]