Humura Homes

Humura Homes, meaning “to be lifted up from trouble”, opened November 5, 2011. Fourteen street boys moved in on opening day after many of them being on the streets from age 5. These boys came to us with addictions to marijuana, sniffing glue, stealing and fighting as ways to survive. Most of the boys have lost one or both parents and ended up on the streets due to poverty, abuse, or their parents remarrying and the step-parent kicking them out of the home.

The goal of Humura Homes is that each boy would come to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to be an example of His life in whatever they do. After a rough couple of adjustment months, the boys are now settled and attending school. Each day they hear God’s word spoken and see it lived out in the lives of their house parents and teachers. Many of the boys have been baptized and have a hunger for God’s Word.

Humura Homes has enough room for 32 boys so as God provides we will be bringing more children off the streets and into God’s loving arms. We hope you enjoy joining us on our journey. For more information or to find out how to get involved please contact us.