Victory Newsletter Sept 2017.

Vime Micro Enterprise.

In this month, an increase of loan repayment of 5% was registered. Three groups have completed paying one of the group member decided to run her business without getting a loan because her business can sustain itself.  A new group has finished training and were qualified to receive a micro Business loan.  Three old groups reapplied for micro Business loan it was granted to them. We have 230 clients since the start of the project and we have recorded significant improvement in the social welfare of Vime clients. Two clients have been able to buy a small plot of land and according to Vime Data it shows that 65% of clients use tap water 45% use electricity and some clients are able to pay school fees for their children.

Success story. Provia Kyomuhangi is a mother of five children, before she joined Vime tried to start a business two times and failed because she lacked essential business skills.  After sometime a friend of her introduced her to Vime.  In 2015, she was trained in managing small businesses. Thereafter she applied for a micro soft loan and was given 400,000 UGX which she invested in a retail shop. She applied the knowledge and the skilled she gained during training and her business started to grow.  She started making a profit of 10,000UGX per day. She has expanded her business and she sells, fresh vegetables on her verandah. She narrates that her income has increased from 10,000 to 30,000UGX. She is able to help her husband to pay school fees for two children and then husbands pay school fees for other three children. They are able to pay for home expenses and her husband is planning to buy land to start grazing cattle which will provide milk to her family.  Provia also works as a secretary for a women’s village group which aims at improving the welfare of its members. Provia is a role model to other women in the community.  She is truly grateful to Vime Micro Enterprise Project for uplifting her out poverty and dependence.

Spiritual Nourishment.

In the Month of September all children were in the school holidays, we got the chance to spend more time with them during Victory center days. The pastoral care minister and Boaz, the social worker and the Homes Administrator Peace, met the children at the two centers, one at Akanyijuka Primary School and another at Victory Community Church. The average total attendance was 54 children. The day’s activities were; praise and worship led by the children themselves, prayer, Bible Study, followed by discussions and then lunch. In the afternoon, the children would have sports and games. During this time, most children would open up and share about their joys and struggles. It helped us (the care givers) to know more about the struggles children go through during their transition to adulthood.

We also discovered that the older children like to work and earn some money. John, Michael, Onesmus, Lonus, and Samuel are some of the boys that got some work during holidays. The rest of the children stay at home helping to do home chores. Victory center day, is the day that we request all children to come together to learn and fellowship with one another and to be mentored. Most children don’t want to miss this day because it’s the day of re-union and fellowship.

The highlight of the center day in September was when we asked the children to write down their dreams and aspirations. This is what Dorothy wrote; “I will be a doctor after studies and treat people with broken bones. Then get married to a Godly man and we will have 3 children, we will also open our home to the orphans.” This is what Michael wrote:” I want to study to be an Engineer and get married. I will form an association called Akanyijuka old boys and girls. The association will mobilize the funds to give to Akanyijuka homes and school so that many children who are like us can get a chance to study and be cared for

Akanyijuka children.

During the holidays, most of the children from homes went to visit their former guardians, siblings and relatives. All the children returned safely and the mothers at Akanyijuka were also happy to get a break

In September, we recruited a volunteer called Tumuheise Gertrude, Gertrude has been studying at Kabale University and she recently graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Education. Gertrude has been linked with Victory. She has a heart and passion to see the mission and vision of VCCs come true. Gertrude will be working hand in hand with Christine to train Vime clients and also assisting in record management. It was un fortunate to see one of our staff member leaving, (Lawrence) He has decided to join another organization, we will miss his contribution.

Akanyijuka Nursery and Primary School.

On 18th the school opened for third term which is the last term in the year. All teaching and non-teaching staff reported back to school. The school’s enrollment slightly increased from 237 to 240. However, six children left the school because their parents/ guardians couldn’t pay the little money we charge as fees. We will continue asking our friend to continue partnering with us to sponsor the needy children who come from poor families in the communities surrounding our school.

At the beginning of September all children reported back to school. We thank God that almost all the children like to study except Gilbert. Please pray for Gilbert. We Were able to provide some scholastic requirements to the school.  We highly appreciate everyone who sponsors a child in this ministry. Thank you so much for giving generously. Indeed, you give a smile to these children, thank you for standing in the gap and being the feet and hands of Jesus

Monitoring and Evaluation of VCCs project.

At the end of the month we were grateful to host Kelley. Kelley is Global Development Group staff who come to monitor and evaluate VCCS project. Global Development Group (GDG) is a partner organization in Australia and US. They help VCCS donors and Children Sponsors to get tax deductible receipts for their donations. During Kelley’s visit, she was able to speak with our staff. She got to see the impact our projects are making in the community. It is always good to have an expert to come over and check the work we do. We cherish the good relationship with GDG and all the stakeholders in this organization.

We have sent out letters from the children and please in case you fail to get a letter from your sponsored child, please let us know. We have also sent out our monthly Newsletter, please feel free to give us feedback we love hearing from you.  Once again thank you for educating Ugandan Child as Former South African President Nelson Mandela once said that, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the key to reducing poverty, to preventing needless death and illness and fostering peace.”