A Call to Spiritual Formation.

As Christian leaders we need to be reminded that, we are called to be transformed into Christ’s likeness. However, in most cases I miss the point, I find myself focusing on ministry business more than focusing on the owner of the business. I believe it is important for us to always look to Jesus the one who has called us to be with him. Personally there are times I feel I’m left alone, especially during the times of trials and temptations, but they are over, I look back and recognize that God has been with me. Spending more time with God so that I can experience him is very vital. As Bill, et.al points out that, “God uses the totality of our life experiences both good and bad to mold and shape each one of us uniquely towards a specific purposes and goals for our lives. Apostle Paul puts it differently by writing that, we should fix our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Bill, et.al concurs with Apostle Paul when he asserts that, “spiritual transformation only happens as each essential dimension of the human being is transformed to Christlikeness under the direction of a regenerated will interacting with constant overtures of grace from God such transformation is not a result of mere human effort and can’t be accomplished by putting on pressure on the will alone” (42) Therefore, as I approach this day, I need to bring my heart, mind and body under the presence of my master and the Lord of my life.

Have blessed day,