Tears of sorrow and Desperation

Yesterday morning I was coming from taking my kids to school I met a young Girl named Birungi. She was about nine years old. She was accompanying other older women carrying baskets full of sweet potatoes going to sell them in town. As I wanted to buy some before I head home, I chose to buy from Birungi after buying from her we hard chat, she told me that she was the ninth child and in her family. She also told me that three of her siblings are already in town looking for scraps to sell. She said to me, “I don’t want to be carrying sweet potatoes for the rest my life but I have nothing to do about it. I would be going to school like other children but my parents can’t afford to buy uniform, books and my pay school fees because they are poor”. While I was talking to her tears of sorrow and desperation started to flow from her eyes. Definitely she would prefer to go to school and not to have to carry sweet potatoes to get money to feed her family. There are many children who are living in a hard situation like this in our community. I believe we can change the status quo if we work together. What do you think?

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    • Hi Davies,
      Very sorry for taking so long to answer your question, it costs Us dollars 100 for the year to educate the child at Akanyijuka, it includes, school fees, lunch, books and break fast. Thank you so much.

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